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I scan with detection technology from Rapiscan Systems | AS&E

Our customers take tremendous pride in their mission. Every day, they scan thousands of containers, trucks, and vehicles to protect and secure ports, borders, and critical infrastructure around the globe. They inspire us to deliver screening solutions that use the most advanced detection technology—so we can help them find threats and contraband with ease and confidence.

Throughput, efficiency, and reliability are key to our customers’ success. Every moment of up time is critical. We work with each customer to define a solution that maximizes their operational efficiency and respond to customer needs quickly with our dedicated global service network.

We understand the importance of our customers’ missions and the pride they have in doing their job — from uncovering trade fraud, to combating terrorism, to detecting drug and weapons smuggling, to exposing illegal immigration. That’s why it’s our mission to help them succeed.

RapiscanASE_Customs Securing Ports

I scan cargo to stop smuggling.

Customs officers are on the front lines of securing ports of entry. At the same time, they must collect appropriate duties and taxes and maintain the flow of commerce to facilitate international trade.

Download our case study showing how we helped a Customs agency exceed their annual revenue target in just three months after implementing our screening solution.

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 I scan to protect national security.

Every day military and security officials are faced with the challenge of protecting personnel, critical infrastructure, and other high-threat locations. Adding to their difficult task of keeping threats at bay, they are often operating in challenging environments and remote locations.

Download our case study showing how we helped a government agency secure a high-threat facility in a remote, demanding environment.    

Rapiscan_ Securing Land Borders_HD 1080p_1920x1080

 I scan vehicles to secure this border.

Border agents are constantly under pressure to keep the flow of traffic moving—all while preventing threats and contraband from entering the country. We can help.

Download our case study showing how we helped a Customs agency secure multiple border crossings and ports of entry.