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I scan cargo and vehicles to find weapons and explosives.

Every day military and security officials are faced with the challenge of protecting personnel, critical infrastructure, and other high-threat locations. Adding to their difficult task of keeping threats at bay, they are often operating in harsh climates or remote locations.    

X-ray inspection systems support military and security organizations around the world in their efforts to keep people and places safe from harm.  Rapiscan Systems | AS&E offers a comprehensive suite of cargo and vehicle inspection systems to solve the inspection challenges military officials face in counterterrorism and force protection applications, helping them find concealed explosives, weapons, and dirty bombs. Our suite of scanning systems offer:

  • A broad array of configurations to meet the needs of each mission, including systems that can be deployed in minutes, operate in harsh environments, and perform remote scanning for safe operation 
  • High-throughput scanning to accommodate high-traffic locations 
  • Detection technology that can meet the most demanding applications, including:
    • Z Backscatter® imaging for photo-like images that highlight organic threats, such as explosives
    • High-quality, dual-energy transmission imaging to penetrate dense cargo, with image colorization to help discriminate between organic and metallic materials
    • Complementary imaging that uses both Z Backscatter and transmission imaging for even greater threat detection 

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Learn how we helped a government agency secure a high-threat facility in a remote, demanding environment.