RapiscanASE_Customs Securing Ports

I scan cargo containers to stop smuggling and ensure duties are paid.

Customs officers are on the front lines of facilitating international trade—a key part of economic growth and prosperity. At the same time, they must secure ports of entry and collect appropriate duties.  

Non-intrusive X-ray inspection systems support the customs clearance process by significantly reducing the amount of time required to examine a container, increasing the number of containers inspected and leading to more revenue generation and contraband seizures. Rapiscan | AS&E helps Customs agencies around the world find threats with ease and confidence by providing cargo and vehicle inspection systems and solutions that help to maximize throughput and uncover trade fraud. We offer:

  • A full line of X-ray inspection systems that allow for fast scan speeds and photo-like imaging for ease of interpretation
  • Various system configurations—drive-through portals, mobile systems, gantry platforms, and systems that can switch between drive-by mode and drive-through mode—to provide even greater flexibility and higher throughput
  • A range of high-to-low energy cargo and vehicle screening systems that leverage multiple X-ray technologies for comprehensive detection of threats and contraband

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