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I scan vehicles to secure this border.

Border agents are constantly under pressure to keep the flow of traffic moving—all while preventing threats and contraband from entering the country. 

No matter how busy or remote the location, Rapiscan Systems | AS&E can help border agencies scan trucks, vans, passenger vehicles, and cargo for drugs, weapons, and other contraband, while maintaining the throughput they need to maximize efficiency. Our team of experts can help you achieve your ideal concept of operations by leveraging our:

  • Wide range of scanning platforms to suit your operation, including mobile, portal, gantry, rail, trailer, and handheld
  • High-throughput solutions to accommodate high-traffic, congested borders and ports of entry 
  • Detection technology that can meet the most demanding applications, including:
    • Z Backscatter® imaging for photo-like images that highlight organic threats, such as drugs
    • High-quality, dual-energy transmission imaging to penetrate dense cargo, with image colorization to help discriminate between organic and metallic materials
    • Complementary imaging that uses both Z Backscatter and transmission imaging for even greater threat detection 

Download Our Case Study
Learn how we helped a Customs agency secure multiple high-traffic border crossings and ports of entry.