Drug interdiction with MINI Z scanner

Damage control: How to avoid unnecessary destruction when searching vehicles for smuggled drugs and currency

Your instincts and your canine tell you illegal drugs are hidden inside the vehicle you’ve stopped. You have probable cause to search, and you've been at it on the side of the road for two hours, but you can't find the smuggled drugs or currency without literally tearing apart the vehicle. What do you do?

This is a familiar and frustrating story for drug interdiction officers, but luckily there are new tools to help find smuggled drugs and currency and avoid causing unnecessary vehicle damage. Download the article that explores how new, portable X-ray technology is helping law enforcement:

  • Perform more in-depth, non-destructive vehicle searches on-the-road.
  • Quickly identify anomalies inside car seats, dashboards, tires, etc., where drugs or currency are likely hidden.
  • Make informed decisions about the presence of concealed drugs or currency before risking vehicle damage during a search.